The state of the Mozambique’s roads during the war

This is a YouTube clip from a 1990 documentary called Frontiers: South Africa and Mozambique. At 20:17 there is footage of the Ressano-Maputo road which gives a small glimpse of some of the destruction on the corridors. Nadine Gordimer and her camera crew were being escorted by a whole platoon of soldiers; trucks had no such luxury on this corridor. The Namaacha road was more ‘hilly’, and much tighter than this one (there was hardly any space to turn a rig around).

If you watch the rest of the documentary my personal comment is that Nadine seems to have gotten many her facts from Frelimo’s department of communication. I personally disagree with some of her pro-Frelimo views although she has some useful content.

This short clip shows the condition of the Maputo-Beira road in 1996 before repairs began. Unfortunately there are no burnt-out vehicle carcasses and tanks to see.

This clip gives a small glimpse of Maputo just after the war ended.



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